General Board of Human Resources – DGRH

The General Directorate of Human Resources was created by Ordinance GR 121/1983, on May 02, 1983, under the management of the then rector Prof. Dr. José Pinotti, considering the need for a General Board that would be responsible for the University's HR, ensuring speed and objectivity in decision-making and qualitative service to the public interest and Unicamp's institutional purposes.

Attorney General – PG

The Attorney General's mission is to represent the University legally and provide legal advice to the Rectory. As well as responding to consultations formulated by the Honorable University Council, its chambers, auxiliary bodies and permanent committees, as well as by Unicamp units, through the rector, representing the University in court, in addition to carrying out other activities assigned to it by the director.

General Secretariat – SG

The General Secretariat is responsible for the organization and administrative direction of the work of the University Council and its chambers and commissions, as well as for communication between them and other bodies of the University. The General Secretariat is also responsible for registering diplomas issued by Unicamp, in addition to providing services to other higher education institutions.