Culture and sport

Lake House

The Casa do Lago Cultural Space is an organization whose mission is to stimulate artistic and cultural productions and extension projects of the university community in the most diverse aspects of culture, in its most comprehensive form.

Convention Center (CDC)

The Unicamp Convention Center is a space for carrying out academic and cultural activities, aiming to promote debate and disseminate thought.

Center for Social Inclusion and Integration (Cis-Guanabara)

The CIS-Guanabara Space is intended to provide adequate conditions for the development of education, culture and leisure projects for the public of the community in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas.

Culture Directorate

The Directorate of Culture understands culture as a structuring part of society and, for this reason, the academic environment must guarantee constitutional cultural rights, associated with other citizen rights, enabling the presence of all forms of manifestation.

Multidisciplinary Gymnasium (GMU)

The Unicamp Multidisciplinary Gymnasium (GMU) has an infrastructure that hosts various sports and institutional events, fulfilling its mission of supporting teaching, research and extension in different areas of knowledge.

Museum of Visual Arts (MAV)

The Museum of Visual Arts' mission is to exhibit, conserve, protect, enhance and expand its museological, archival and bibliographic collection, in order to enable the promotion and dissemination of education, research and knowledge in visual arts.