Colleges and Institutes

Unicamp is made up of 24 teaching and research units, which are divided into ten institutes and 14 faculties. They offer higher-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses in four areas of knowledge: Exact Sciences, Technological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Humanities and Arts.

In addition to Campinas, Unicamp's facilities also extend to the municipalities of Piracicaba, where the Faculty of Dentistry is located (FOP), and Limeira, where the Faculty of Applied Sciences is located (FCA) and the Faculty of Technology (FT).

Unicamp also has two technical colleges. In Limeira, the Technical College of Limeira (Cotil), maintained and coordinated by Unicamp. The same occurs with the Technical College of Campinas (Cotuca), which offers technical courses in mechanics, food, electrical engineering, nursing, electrical electronics and data processing, as well as technical complementary courses in the areas of Medical-Hospital Equipment, Plastics, Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. Both schools have a total of more than three thousand students.