Teaching at the University

Dean of Undergraduate Studies - PRG

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies (PRG)'s main focus is to monitor the undergraduate student's academic life from the entrance exam, when they are still a candidate, until their degree. It is a dynamic body, with shared management, technologically updated, financially sustainable and committed to innovations in higher education for the training of professionals.

Dean of Postgraduate Studies – PRPG

The Dean's Office for Postgraduate Studies has the mission of advising the academic community and promoting Postgraduate teaching at Unicamp, fostering the quality of Postgraduate teaching Stricto Sensu and Lato Sensu, with the aim of achieving excellence in its programs.

Technical College of Campinas - COTUCA

Created in 1967, the Colégio Técnico de Campinas da Unicamp – Cotuca, maintained by the State University of Campinas, is a free public educational institution, which provides professional training at a technical level and offers secondary education, in the form integrated with technical education, for some of your courses. The College offers seventeen technical course options and four specialization options at the technical level, with 60% of places available at night.

Technical College of Limeira - COTIL

Cotil offers free technical courses in six areas. The courses were organized for students seeking technical and professional training that prepares them for the world of work, offering quality academic training that allows them to continue their studies at university. The objective is to provide complete learning, with socio-emotional skills so that students can have life projects, awakening interest in science and research, and enabling them to develop entrepreneurship.