Business Administration

General Directorate of Administration – DGA

Unicamp's General Directorate of Administration (DGA) is a body linked to the Executive Directorate of Administration/Rector's Office and manages the University's administrative functions, such as acquisitions, tenders, contracts, finance, payments and accounting.

General Directorate of Human Resources - DGRH

The General Directorate of Human Resources was created by Ordinance GR 121/1983, given the need for a General Board that would be responsible for the University's HR, ensuring speed and objectivity in decision-making and qualitative fulfillment of the public interest and institutional purposes.

Economics and Planning Advisory – AEPLAN

The Economics and Planning Advisory is the unit responsible for synthesizing the sets of indicators related to teaching, research and extension activities, portraying the physical and organizational structure of Unicamp

Barão Geraldo Campus City Hall

Created in 1983, through Ordinance GR-121/1983, at a time when the University's transportation, traffic, food and security systems needed special attention, the City Hall has been continually modernizing, expanding and improving its services and promoting campaigns and programs to ensure the full functioning of the University and the quality of campus life.

Reginal Administration Secretariat – SAR

The Rectory, through the Executive Directorate of Administration (DEA), created the Regional Administration Secretariat (SAR) in March 2018, as per Resolution GR 24/2018, incorporating the structure of the Limeira Physical Plant Coordination, to act in the management of the Limeira and Piracicaba Campuses, in a manner aligned with the objectives for excellence in Management, contained in UNICAMP's Strategic Planning.