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Regional Economy Driven by World Growth Minimodel


The State-World Model simulates the response of a state to changes in the resources of the outside world. The world economy grows slowly before discovery and use of fossil fuels; then with abudant fuels it goes through a maximum of assets and available goods and services; and finally goes down as fuel resources decline.


This model can be used for any nation or state which depends on imports and exports:
  • Florida: it imports fuels and goods and exports oranges, vegetables and tourist services. 
  • Japan: it imports fuels and raw products and exports finished electronic goods. 
  • Diagram


    Q = world assets
    S = world soils
    F = world fuels
    W = state water
    U = state assets 


    Q: D1 = k1*S*F*Q + k2*S*Q - k3*Q + k8*S
    S: D2 = I - k5*S*F*Q - k6*S*Q - k7*S
    F: D3 = - k4*S*F*Q
    W: D4 = J - L1*W*U*Q - L3*W - L5*W
    U: D5 = L2*U*Q*W + L4*W - L6*U - L*U 


    The graph shows the changes of S(red), F(green), Q(blue), W(orange) and U(magenta) over a time period.
    Source code:

    "What if" Experiments:

  • If the world's sunlight is increased, how does this affect the state's growth? 
  • If a new rich fuel source was discovered in about the year 2005, how would the world and state economies react?