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Nation with International Money Circulation


Increasingly the economy of every nation is linked with the rest of the world through trade, loans across national boundaries and multinational business. This model represents a nation's assets and growth as it is affected by international finance.


To various degrees all states and nations have their economies interconnected with patterns of world finance, but the availability of resources and provisions for exchange between countries makes a very uneven pattern of wealth.



Q = total assets
P = production
F = fuel reserves
D = national debit


S = I/(1 + K5*(F + K9*M/P3)*Q + K6*Q + K7)
P = K1*S*Q*(F + K9*M/P3) + K2*S*Q + K3*S - Y*K12*l/P1
L = TM - M


The graph shows the changes of F(red), D(orange), P(green) and Q(blue) over a time period.
Source code:

"What if" Experiments:

  • What is the effect of increasing the interest rate? Change IT from 3 to 12, considering D=3.
  • What is the effect of massive debt where large interest and/or proftis are being paid to other countries? Make D=3.
  • What is the effect of increasing the home country's money supply which includes $ at home and abroad? Make TM=4.