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Agrarian Economy Based on Land Rotation


This model has the human economic assets (Q) depending on the human productive activity based on the land in economic use (A2) and the stored products of environmental work such as wood and soil (S). The environmental support system has assets (B) which depend on the enviromental sources (I0) and the fallow land.


  • Human civilization in relation to environmental resources.
  • Early slash-and-burn agriculture in the rain forest.
  • Diagram


    B = environmental support system assets
    Q = human economic assets
    S = wood and soil
    A1 = fallow land


    A2 = A - A1
    DB = k2*R*A1 - k3*B - k4*B - k5*B*A1 - k9*B
    DS = k6*B*A1 - k7*S - k8*S*R*A2*Q
    DQ = L3*Q*A2*S*R + L4*S - L5*Q - L6*A1*Q
    DA = L1*A2*B - L2*Q*A1


    The graph shows the changes of B(red), Q(pink), S(blue) and A2(green) over a time period.
    Source code:

    "What if" Experiments:

  • What is the effect of starting with larger resource resource? Try differente values for S.
  • What is the effect of having less total land area?