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Trade Controlled Growth in New Zealand


This model simulates the main aspect of the agricultural-based economy of New Zealand in its history. The simulation has sheep developing on pastures receiving government supplied fertilizers from the towns. Some agricultural products are used in town and the rest exported. Although calibrated with stock(sheep and cattle), other agricultural products behave similarly.


Many third world countries fall in this category of countries which exports goods from their environment. If they use their products at home, they can stimulate their economies much more.



F = fuel reserve
S = stock (sheep and cattle)
N = nutrients


I = J/(1 + K0*N)
DF= - K5*F
DN = JN + X2*A - K4*I*N - K3*N
DS = K1*I*N - K2*S - K6*S - K7*S*A
DA = X5*F + RP*(X*S + X3*A) + K8*S*A - K9*A - K5*A - X1*A


The graph shows the changes of A(red), S(green), F(yellow) and N(blue) over a time period.
Source code:

"What if" Experiments:

  • If not is changed - sheep are exported, goods and services are imported and there is a brain drain - what happens to the economy after 20 years?
  • If agriculture is reorganized with less exports and more products used at home, and brain drain due to emigration of educated people is stopped, what will happen?