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This model represents the standard view of growth from economics. Money is circulating as a counter current to the flow of products and to the feedback of goods and services into production. As the diagram shows, the resource pressure is held constant, which means that resources are never limiting, regardless of the demand on them.


  • Growth of an industry that is utilizing a large new resource.
  • Growth of a country, where the concentration of resource is constant.
  • Diagram


    M = money supply
    A = economic assets
    K2 = depreciation rate


    M = k1*A
    DA = K0*E*M - K2*A


    The graph shows the changes of M(red) and A(blue) over a time period.
    Source code:

    "What if" Experiments:

  • If availability of resources is half, how will the growth of money and assets differ?
  • What if the economy changes the rate of adding money? Increase K2.
  • If the company starts with more assets, how does it grow? Change A to 10.