publishing norms

The RHAA has four thematic sections: 1) article; 2) document; 3) brief report; 4) review.

For those interested in publishing in the RHAA, please submit texts following the criteria below:

- article or document (reference text): maximum of 63,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes;
- brief report: maximum of 21,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes;
- review: maximum of 10,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes.

The proposals must follow the RHAA Formatting Parameters and must be submitted with a brief résumé preferably to the e-mail;, or mailed in printed copy with a CD to:

Revista de História da Arte e Arqueologia
Universidade Estadual de Campinas
IFCH – Departamento de História
Centro de História da Arte e Arqueologia
Cidade Universitária “Zeferino Vaz”
Caixa Postal 6110 – Barão Geraldo
13.081-970 – Campinas /SP, Brasil.

Foreign authors may submit articles in English, French, Italian or German, to be published with a Portuguese translation. When the article is originally written in Portuguese or Spanish, it should bring a full translation in a foreign language.

Articles should be followed by summaries and abstracts, and may include im-ages that will be distributed in a maximum of six pages (letter paper) at the end of the texts.

Texts should be submitted in Microsoft Office Word 2000 ©, or later versions file format, and images should be submitted in JPG or TIF file formats.

In case of images not following required patterns for excellent result, the editor might change indicated dimensions for reproduction purposes, keeping the rights of not reproducing them in case of full inadequacy. The editor might also transform color images into black and white, for publishing purposes.

The mere submission of originals implies publishing authorization.

The proposals will be evaluated by the RHAA editors and two or more experts in the area, following primarily the criteria of originality of content and compatibility with the History of Art and Archaeology studies.

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