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Welcome to the Attic!
A repository of all my original compositions
José Oscar de Almeida Marques
Campinas SP Brazil
Dusty chests and cobwebs, heaps of notebooks and scattered sheets of music paper. The occasional rodent. All my music, old and new, will eventually end up in the attic, an adequate place for my amateurish efforts at composing to lie forgotten, except that, with MIDI and the Internet, the attic is now open to public visitation! So, be my guest and browse it at will, but remember: the less you expect the happier you will be.
A selection (marked with *) of the pieces in this page is included in the CD Album 1997-1999.

see the most recent addition:Mesto for Strings
New Stuff 
I like to think that I am getting a bit better in all this, that's why I present my late music first. You may judge for yourself.
Old Stuff 
You may find some enjoyable music here, especially those pieces that have been revised and are marked with an asterisk after the date. Some other compositions, on the other hand, have little more than just sentimental value and are here only because they have nowhere else to go...
Fractal Stuff
My fractal music, curiously, has fared much better than my more conventional efforts, and had from the beginning its own page at MIDIWorld, where it gets much more hits than all my other pages put together. So, I guess it doesn't belong to the attic, after all.

(All sequences optimally balanced for the SB/AWE 32/64 with the E-mu 8MB GM soundfont)

New Stuff 

Mesto per archi, sopra il accordo del Tristano (sep/1999) *

Xote (jun/1999) *
Variations on an Original Theme (apr/1999) *
Passacaglia in B flat Major (dec/1998) *
Street-corner Waltz (nov/1998) *
Intermezzo for strings and harp (apr/1998) *
Canzona for Brass and Organ (apr/1998) *
Andante in C minor (feb/1998) *

"An die Melodie"(feb/1998) *

Minuet in G minor (set/1997) *
Old Stuff 

Exercises in the Mode M2 (1981-1982)

Air and Motet (1978, 1980, rev. 1997) *
Baião no. 1 (1977, 1978, rev. 1998) *

Baião no. 2 (1980, rev. 1998) *

Four studies on dances of Claude Gervaise (XVIth Century)
16-bar Waltz (1978) *
Two Counterpoints (1977)
No.1 in two voices
No.2 in three voices

Very simple and short pieces that just move from G minor to D major. Melody and bass are the same in both, just the middle voices change.

Minuet in E minor (1977)
Canon in C minor (1977)
Little March (1977)
"Jesu, meine Freude" (1974, rev. 1983)
Passa, passa, gavião (1974, reworked 1999) *
Overture-Aequal for 3 trombones (1974)
Moment, for flutes and harp (1973)
Choral and Fugato in four voices (1973)
Trois danses modales (et ses inversions) (1973)
I: Lent    II: Vif et animé    III: Gaillarde
Little Prelude and Fugue (1972)
Trio for recorder, flute and continuo (1972)
Twelve-Tone Two-Part Invention (1972)
Six Easy Duets for Recorders (1971)
Trio for Recorders in G major (1971)
Two-Part Fugue in A minor (1971)
Variations on a Tune of Nino Rota (1970, rev. 1997)
Sonata a due in A minor  (1970)
Two-Part Invention no. 1 (1969) Two-Part Invention no. 2 (1970)
Six Two-voice Imitations (1968)

Thanks for your visit! Come back occasionally to see if there's anything new.
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