DiGS (Diachronic Generative Syntax) is an established international conference bringing together scholars working in the field of syntactic change from a generative perspective. The conference provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of current and innovative research with special emphasis on (morpho)syntactic parameter change.

The meetings have been biennial and have alternated between venues in North America and Europe in the last twenty years. This is the first time the conference does not follow that tradition: in 2009, it will be held in South America .

Although all topics on formal historical syntax are welcome, the 11th edition of DiGS encourages papers that approach topics related to the understanding and modeling of how syntactic change comes about in languages, or groups of languages, including but not restricted to: parameter theory, the role of language acquisition and contact on language change, the dynamics of syntactic change, grammaticalization, and language reconstruction.


Invited speakers:

Ana Maria Martins (University of Lisbon)

Giuseppe Longobardi (University of Trieste)

Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)

Jürgen Meisel (University of Hamburg / University of Calgary)

Mary Aizawa Kato (University of Campinas)

Michel DeGraff (MIT)






Organizing committee

Charlotte Galves, Filomena Sandalo, Juanito Avelar,

Ruth Lopes, Sonia Cyrino


contact: digs11@iel.unicamp.br