Sustainable Development

Table of Contents
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  1. Sustainable Development and Integrated Systems
  2. Contents of this presentation
  3. Global ecological, economic, social problems
  4. The main reason of our problems
  5. The future, using an emergy diagram
  6. The geo-biosphere and the Sustain Development (HT Odum diagram)
  7. Gaia’s curve and human growth J curve
  8. The solution consists, basically in ...
  9. We must adjust our development!
  10. Good ideas (alternatives given by Gandhi)
  11. Good ideas (continuation)
  12. Good ideas (continuation)
  13. Good ideas (continuation)
  14. Some academic proposals:
  15. Tools for Sustainable Development
  16. Many transformations will be necessary
  17. Final words: new forms to see the world
  18. We can continue this contact thru Internet
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