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Tank, a Model of Storage

  • Kitchen sink 
  • Steady leaf fall and creatures decomposing them.

  • Code:


    This model is a tank with an inflow and an outflow. The inflow is constant, the outflow is proportional to on the quantity in the tank. Finally, when the inflow is equal to the outflow, the quantity will stay the same.
    J = inflow
    Q  = stored quantity.

    K*Q = outflow
    DQ = J - K*Q = change during a time increment

    The graph shows the change of Q over a time period.

    "What if" Experiments:

    Think about a sink that is about half filled with water:
  • What changes if you start with 100 liters of water in the sink instead of one liter?
  • What happens if you cut off the faucet after 96 hours?
  • Study the effect of the outflow coefficient K.