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Growth on a Renewable Source


All biomass grows using the steady inflow of sunlight, which is a renewable source of energy. There is always a certain average amount of energy available. When biomass growth equals the amount which dies, the system is in a steady state.


  • Successional growth on a bare field
  • Business with a steady inflow of raw material
  • Diagram


    J = steady inflow of energy
    K*JR*Q = part of the flow which goes into the system
    JR = part of J which is available to be used
    Q = stored biomass
    K4*Q = decomposition of biomass


    J = JR + K*JR*Q -> JR = J/(1 + K*Q)
    DQ = K3*JR*Q - K4*Q


    The graph shows changes in Q over a time period.
    Source code:

    "What if" Experiments:

    Think about a forest:

  • If the combination of sun and rain became better, how would this affect the forest growth?
  • How looks the graph like in a successional forest which is already at the shrub stage?