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Growth on a Nonrenewable Source


A nonrenewable source is a storage, a limited quantity. A population living of a nonrenewable source first increases exponentially while their source decreases. As soon as the source is used up, the population decreases too.


  • A mining town living on a limited source of gold ore
  • A person given an inheritance: He uses the money for going on trips. As the money runs out, his trips decrease and then cease.
  • Diagram


    E = nonrenewable energy source
    K = decreasing factor of E
    K1 = increasing factor of Q
    K4 = decreasing factor of Q


    DE = -K*E*Q
    DQ = K1*E*Q-K4*Q


    The graph shows the changes of E (blue) and Q (red) over a time period.
    Source code:

    "What if" Experiments:

    Think about a population of beetle that grow of a limited quantity of dead wood:

  • What would happen if the tree which fell in the storm was a bigger one?
  • What would happen if you started with 100 times more beetles?
  • Try a different species of beetles which have a more efficient growth rate.