Internet Resources for a Prosperous Way Down

Every person on the planet is dependent on the natural resources that make up our environment our "natural capital.". We sometimes take it for granted, but this capital is vital for sustainable economic and social progress. Energy is a key driver of economic progress throughout the world, yet the development, transport, and use of energy from all sources impact the environment. So how do we protect our "natural capital" while ensuring an ongoing supply of reliable and affordable energy? Discussion list promoted by Chevron.

Carfree is a web site that proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

In the search for ads that advocate ways of prospering on the way down to the lower energy lifestyle: Here's a good one, although bio fuels won't go far. Here's a company trying to prosper on the way down...

This is funny to the star wars generation:
StoreWars em PortuguÍs: YouTube

We are in the Meatrix Neo! The Meatrix The Meatrix II

Life Cycle Analysis of Things We Use ... by Annie Leonard The History of Stuff

Analise de Ciclo de Vida das Coisas ... em Portugues!

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