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Dr. Howard Thomas Odum (1924-2002) was a member of a family of well-known scientists that made great efforts to interconnect Science and Society through Ecology Systems Education and Public Policy proposals. He published many books and received several academic awards.


Environment, Power and Society for the Twenty-First Century: The Hierarchy of Energy.

Howard T. Odum (Author), Mark T. Brown (Contributor)

Columbia University Press, 2007.


The Prosperous Way Down: Principles and Policies.

Howard T. Odum, Elisabeth C. Odum

University of Colorado Press, 2001 & 2008.


Modeling for all Scales: An Introduction to System Simulation

Howard T. Odum, Elizabeth C. Odum,

Academic Press, 2000.


Heavy Metals In The Environment: Using Wetlands for Their Removal.

Howard T. Odum, Wlodzimierz Woucik (Editor), Lowell Pritchard (Editor).

CRC Press, 2000


Environmental Accounting: Emergy and environmental decision-making.

Howard T. Odum

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996


Environment and Society in Florida

Howard T. Odum, Elisabeth C. Odum, Mark T. Brown

Lewis Publishers, Inc., 1998


Ecological and General Systems: An Introduction to Systems Ecology

Howard T. Odum

University Press of Colorado, 1994


Maximum Power: A Festschrift on Ecology, Energy and Economy in Honor of H. T. Odum

Charles A. S. Hall (Editor)

University Press of Colorado, 1995


Ecological Microcosms (Springer Advanced Texts in Life Sciences)

by Robert J. Beyers, Howard T. Odum

Springer Verlag, 1993


Cypress Swamps

Katherine Carter Ewel, Howard T. Odum (Editors)

University Press of Florida, 1985


Energy Basis for Man and Nature

Howard T. Odum

McGraw Hill, 1981


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