Computer Mini-Models and Simulation Exercices for Science and Social Studies
Howard T. Odum (1924-2002), Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida.
& Elisabeth C. Odum , Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida, EUA, 1994

There is an explanation, system diagram, equations, graph and a program for for each model,
besides that, questions that ask "what would happen if ...".

Part I Name Introductory Models for all Systems:
Eight mini-models to introduce basic principles.
01 EXPO Exponential Growth
02 RENEW Growth on a Renewable Source
03 NONRENEW Growth on a Nonrenewable Source
04 TWO-SOURCE Growth on Two Sources
05 SLOWREN Growth on a Slowly Renewable Source
06 FACTORS External Limiting Factos
07 RECYCLE Internal Limiting Factors
08 DAYPR Production and Consumption
Part II Ecological Models: This part contains models that illustrate ecological systems and how they function. Examples from the physical sciences and economics are also given.
01 DRAIN Draining Tank
02 LOGISTIC Logistic Growth
03 COMPETE Competition, Two Populations in Exponential Growth
04 EXCLUS Competition for Limiting Sources
05 INTERACT Two Populations with Competitive Interactions
06 OSCILLAT & PREYPRED Predator Prey Oscillation
07 NETPROD Net Production
08 OPENAQ Open Aquarium
09 PULSE Pulsing and Recycle
10 SALTMRSH Salt Marsh
11 PRAIRIE Prairie
12 FIRE Fire
13 LAGOON Lagoon, Consumer Control of Production Oscillation
14 CLIMAX Succession and Climax
15 SPECIES Island Speciation and Dispersal
16 SPECAREA Species and Area of Resources
Part III Economic Models: This part contains models which illustrate economic systems, how they function, and how they are integrated with ecological systems.
01 SALES Sale with Price Inverse to Supply
02 ECONP&C Currence Counter-currents in Production and Consumption
03 BANK Loans, Interest, and Banking
04 PRODSALE Economic Use of Renewable Source
05 TANKSALE Economic Use of Reserves
06 ECONUSE Environmental Resource and the Economic Use Loop
07 AGRPRICE Agricultural Yield Based on Relative Price
08 FORYIELD Forestry Yield Cycle
09 ENVUSE Generic Environmental Use
10 IRELAND Resource Basis; Potato Famine in Ireland
11 ROTATION Agrarian Economy Based on Land Rotation
12 BUYPOWER Buying Power, Non-renewable Autocatalytic Growth
13 MONEYGRO Money-driven Growth
14 NZ Trade-controlled Growth in New Zealand
15 MACROEC Textbook Macroeconomics
16 STWORLD Regional Economy Driven by World Growth
17 DEVELOP Economic Development of a Nation
18 INTECON Nation with International Money Circulation
19 PEOPLE World Population

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