PWD Workshop Notes

Tom Abel

September 12, 2012


1. Systems diagrams

·         The task was for each presenter to interpret their interests in terms of PWD

·         Systems diagrams were put on the board by each presenter

·         Good discussions followed Discussion followed the break


2. Discussion was wide-ranging Identified some threats to a PWD:

·         Excessive inequality

·         Continued borrowing

·         Unemployment

·         Fuel disruptions

·         Economic demands for growth

·         Ecosystem damage

·         Global trade inequality

·         Available weapons

·         Population growth


3. What can PWD offer that is new or different?

·         Coming Down vs. Sustainable Plateau Herman Daly

·         Emphasis on Cooperation Women in Charge

·         A Systems perspective Self-Organization

·         Emergy Valuation of dilemmas is emergy a big part of PWD?

·         We should all think about unique contributions of PWD, write to each other, to blog?


4.Recommended Action

·         Standardization for emergy ISO

·         Identify Target Journals (outside of usual Ecological Modeling, etc)


5. Next Steps

·         Blog? students like this, look into World Press

·         Website?

·         Collaborative Research

·         Community Organization and Action

·         Dedicated PWD Sessions at other conferences? AES

·         Eco-summit Bill Mitch

·         De-Growth, UN Global Summit

·         Edited Book Johns Hopkins University Press


6. Follow-Up

·         I am happy to report that as of 9/12 the PWD blog has been up and running for 10 months

·         The work of Mary Logan on the blog has been phenomenal

·         We need more posts by more thinkers! J