Dear Emergy Society Members,

The International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research (ISAER) currently has a number
of projects: the Emergy Society website, the “Prosperous Way Down” Committee, the Standards Committee,
the Financial Administration, and the Emergy Discussion List, among others. All of them deserve attention
and support to obtain the desired results.

We also need to keep working together to further develop scientific output (publications, databases,
conferences and meetings) as well as provide practical applications to policy, management, trade,
relationships and conscious lifestyles that reflect our ideals.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop strong links with other sectors of science, innovative business,
public policy communities, and ecological and social movements. Several sectors of society are now
showing interest in the use of emergy concepts and ISAER should be prepared to attend the demand
for environmental and social advice.

I would like to propose the following initiatives during my service time as ISAER president:

1.  Establish a form of active communication between all Emergy Society Members. At this time,
it seems to me that a monthly Newsletter could make it possible to keep everyone informed about
what is happening in the Emergy World.

2.  If all the ISAER members could publish a page of basic information in the Newsletter (or on the
webpage) about the activities he (or she) is involved in, including teaching, research, applications
development and planning then we could identify potential interactions and promote partnerships
or just informal collaborations.

3.  Information exchange through the Newsletter (or by other means) could help us identify needed
emergy research priorities and scientific topics that demand collaborative research between
Emergy Society members.

4.  In addition, it could be valuable to continue the improvement of the emergy synthesis methodology
through the discussion list, in an organized form.

All these objectives could be possible with the collaboration of Emergy Society members, as groups
and as individuals.

With best regards,

Enrique Ortega,

President ISAER