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This is the World Wide Web home page for the ENEWS - an InternationalNewsletter on Energy Efficiency Issues in the Developing Countries.

ENEWS aims to inform people in the developing countries of on-goingprojects, to share brief analyses of important energy-related issues, and to disseminateinformation on potential sources of funding and interesting publications.

We are particularly interested in exchanging creative ideas on the implementation and diffusion of energy-efficient and renewable energytechnologies throughout the developing world.

Available ENEWS editions

ENEWS is published with financial support from the International Energy Initiative - IEI and the State University of Campinas, UNICAMP, Brazil.
Founding Editor: Dr. Gilberto M. Jannuzzi (jannuzzi@fem.unicamp.br), UNICAMP.
Founding Co-Editor: Dr. Ashok Gadgil, Lawrence Berkeley Lab..
Co-Editors: Koshy Cherail, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, Otavio Mielnic, IEI and Mr. Geoff Stiles, SADC Industrial Energy Management Project, Zimbabwe.
Information Officer: Dr. Mario O. Cencig (cencig@unicamp.br), UNICAMP.
Computing Assistant: F.P. Cardoso (fpc@fem.unicamp.br).


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If you need any help, please contact: Fernando Cardoso (fpc@fem.unicamp.br)

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